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Morgan’s Craft Table

Morgans Pick Mystery Box KIDS

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These could be anything we offer at MCT currently. It could also be future items or past items we don’t offer! Each box is valued at more than the price of the box! 

We do ask for a shirt size IN CASE we include an apparel item in your order. Just because we ask this- DOES NOT mean every mystery box will include an apparel item. 

We will do our best to offer different items if you choose to order more than 1 box. But not getting duplicates is not guaranteed. 

Frenquently Asked Questions


How do I know what size I am?

We have a sizing chart to help you choose the perfect size!

How do I wash my apparel?

Take a look at our washing instructions that we reccomend for all apparel that comes from MCT.

I can't find what I'm looking for, what do I do?

We'd love to help bring your vision to life with a custom! Or you can contact us for more help!