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Morgan’s Craft Table

Hand Embroidered Muslin Blanket

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•Hand embroidered muslin blanket.

•Madd of premium 100% cotton double gauze that is loved for its soft, crinkly texture. It’s breathable that is gentle against sensitive newborn’s skin. Perfect for swaddling your baby for warmness while prevent overheating.

•47x47 in size 

***  They are currently discounted while I keep practicing. By purchasing this listing you are agreeing that you understand that due to hand embroidery and still learning- these may have imperfections. 

•Stitches are covered with a high quality mesh backing to hold stitches in place for a permanent hold. Mesh is soft and suggested for use on baby blankets. 

•Sone names will be done in all LOWER CASE. This will be determined by what looks best. Names will be embroidered in placement with swaddling so when baby is swaddled- name is placed on the front of baby. 

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