About Us

My name is Morgan Lennox and I own Morgan’s Craft Table! We feel so blessed to have you here. I opened my small shop in May of 2020 only a few months after the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Although I had been crafting as a hobby for almost 2 years- My husband, David, and I had just had welcomed a beautiful babygirl named Charlotte Grace in November of 2019. After just one week of being back to work from maternity leave- the world shutdown in global quarantine. I used my time in quarantine to build my business, and watch my daughter grow. Our website was built, a business name was created, licenses were filed- and MCT was brought to life. Now, in 2023 MCT is about to celebrate its 3rd birthday. With almost 3,000 VIP members on Facebook, and over 18,000 followers on tiktok. My daughter, who was my motivation to go after my dreams- is now 3 years old and thriving!

Morgan’s Craft Table offers a large variety of items; Apparel being our main focus. MCT graphic tees are like no other! We are constantly finding new ways to spice up your closet and creating clothes you’re excited to wear!
We launch a $12 T-shirt drop every Tuesday, and feature themed drops a few times a month on Fridays at 8pm EST.